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The Kim Jansen Detective Series

Kim Jansen is a tough woman with no off-switch: she’s been shot, stabbed, and beaten
but has bounced back stronger each time, more determined than ever to bring the guilty to justice.

Bloody Paws – Plight of the Missing Human Strays (11.24.2021)

When eight homeless men and women go missing without a trace, Portland Police Bureau Officers Kim Jansen and Mark Larson get the case. In their sights is Veterinarian Jim Briggs, who had been doctoring the dogs of the missing homeless for free, while running a pet crematory. Complicating the case: Briggs is Larson’s best friend and Jansen’s girlfriend.

Bloody Pages – Haunted by a Family Secret (8.11.22)

The theft of priceless books from a public library and the bloody attack on a security guard trying to protect them start Detective Kim Jansen on a twisting road of contradictory evidence and multiple suspects. At the center of the mystery is a 100-year-old family secret.

Winner of a Maxy Award for Best Crime Novel.