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The Angel of Mercy Series began with an idea. The idea turned into a passion.

Writing a novel was an item on my post-retirement bucket list. A crime thriller series emerged: Angel of Mercy (2023), The Human Strays (2023) A Family Curse (2024), The Red Flock (2024), and Bless Me Father—For You Have Sinned (coming in late 2024). They were inspired by my love for writing and driven by my seven years of experience as a newspaper crime reporter. Each book is built around a theme. The Human Strays, for example, portrays the tragedy of homelessness, while A Family Curse’ protagonist is a victim of child abuse. The Red Flock decries the theft of endangered birds.

They are good, old-fashioned thrillers with a heart and a soul. They entertain and educate without preaching. After all, thrillers are supposed to be getaways—places to escape for a few hours from the cares of the world.

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