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Bloody Paws

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When college sweethearts Jim Briggs and Helen Williams broke up to pursue careers in other parts of the country, they had no idea a tragedy would reunite them around a common cause six years later in Portland, Oregon where Briggs operated a mobile canine care service.

Shortly after Williams loses her husband in a freak accident and is then attacked and left for dead by a group of homeless predators, she shows up on Briggs’ doorstep to take a job managing his pet crematory. Helen’s arrival coincides with Briggs’ own shock over witnessing a homeless woman flipping out in a drug overdose meltdown, begging, “God please take me.”

While Briggs struggles with an inner dark voice urging him to put down the homeless meth addict like a stray dog, Williams goes on a murderous rampage for revenge while sleeping with a detective assigned to the case.

“Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for a thrilling ride.“—Susan Clayton Goldner, award-winning author of Tormented and the Winston Radhauser Detective Series.